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Program 1:Day Game A-Z Mastery

  • The complete recordings of my famous seminar on day game where you’ll learn every single technique and strategy for meeting and seducing women during the day. Discover the best opening lines, how to transition, where to meet girls, and so much more.
  • The Day Game A-Z Mastery Workbook. Get convenient transcripts of the entire seminar, along with a workshop outlining every exercise for meeting and attracting more women during the daytime than you could ever imagine.
  • Sinn’s Day Game Infield Footage and Commentary. See everything you learn put into action in this video full of LIVE infield “hidden camera” footage of everything Jon covers in the seminar.

regular price $297

Program 2:Complete Guide to Sexual Texting

  • Discover exactly how to turn a text exchange “sexual” without coming across as creepy or weird
  • How to plant ‘sexual thoughts’ of you in a girls mind when she’s not with you, so that she begins to fantasize about being with you again
  • The 9 “sub personalities” of her you can bring out over text, and word-for-word examples of the messages to send

regular price $47

Program 3:Attraction Mastery

  • You’ll learn the 8 types of attraction, why you need to weave each of them if you really want to get a woman fully invested in seeing you again.
  • Based off my experience most guys only try to create one or two types of attraction and because of this the girls they talk to wind up losing interest or never get “hot” enough to sleep with them.
  • You’ll also learn my 21 skills of attraction so that you have countless techniques you can use for EVERY phase of an interaction with a woman, with word-for-word examples of all 21 skills.

regular price $97

Program 4:The Seduction Roadmap

  • My 5 module “Flagship Program” that teaches you my five step system for going from friendly to sexual and closing the deal.
  • How to completely eliminate the “sexual beliefs” holding you back from making your move
  • How to quickly spark sexual attraction, overcome every objection using “sexual framing” and unleash her wild and sexual side

regular price $47

Program 5:The Seduction Roadmap Master Academy

  • 16 weekly videos containing demonstration videos of all the techniques taught in my Seduction Roadmap Training program
  • More in-depth strategies for creating a more “sexualized persona”
  • A bonus section on using the Sexual Roadmap on a female friend

regular price $268

Program 6:Conversation Mastery

  • This is my mastery video program on developing the “conversation skills” to seduce a woman, whether she’s a girl you’re on a date with, a female friend, or a woman you just met in bar.
  • You’ll learn how to become an INTERESTING conversationist using a variety of easy to remember techniques that help you speak more spontaneously about dozens of different topics.
  • Discover how to string “conversation topics” to keep a conversation going forever, and how to personalize a conversation so that the women feels like the two of you are connecting a deep, intimate level.

regular price $97

Program 7:Science of Micro-Expressions

  • The Science Of Micro-Expressions Multi-Media Mini Course includes a video, PDF, and MP3 detailing how to read a woman’s subtle facial expressions
  • The absolute easiest way to tell if a woman is sexually attracted to you (you’ll sleep with an extra 2-3 girls a month easily when you can notice this one)
  • Micro-Expressions are shown in 3 different places: the eyes, mid-face and mouth. You’ll discover the EXACT things to look for in each of these places to tell if a woman wants you...

regular price $10

Program 8:The Ultimate Guide to Approaching Women

  • A complete 5 video course where you’ll discover how to effortlessly approach a woman and start a conversation with her, without getting rejected.
  • A complete collection of my all-time favorite “openers” for initiating conversation with women in a way that sparks interest and attraction so I can easily set up a date.
  • The art of “transitioning away from the opener” so that after you spark a conversation you can easily move the conversation in a fun and flirtatious zone that gets her attracted to you.

regular price $67

Program 9:90 Day Game Changer

  • The 90-Day Game Changer Coaching Program Is The “P90X of Pick-Up” That Is Going To Have You Blasting Through Your Sticking Points And Making Progress Faster And Easier Than You Ever Thought Possible.
  • 6 Modules covering the fundamental areas of game, and practice routines that will help you get results faster.
  • Everything from “inner game” changes to “outer game” tweaks you can make over the next 90 days to sky rocket results.

regular price $97

Program 10:Sexual Triggers

  • Includes both the 5 video Sexual Trigger program and the extended Mastery program including 27 full-length Videos.
  • Discover the 25 specific ‘sexual triggers’ that you can use to fill a woman will sexual desire.
  • My favorite 10 “Secret routines” to bring out a woman’s sexual side in an under the radar way.

regular price $297

Program 11:The First Date Formula

  • This three video program walks you through the date that I’ve created proven to lead to sex and relationships with the woman who experience it. You’ll see what the differences were between first dates that end with awkward hug (and no second date) vs. those that end with the two people having sex or entering a relationship..
  • Exactly what to say on a date to build a sexual connection with a woman (hint: if a woman doesn’t feel sexual desire for you then it doesn’t matter how much fun she had, she won’t want to see you again).
  • A complete walk through of my physical escalation ladder so that you know exactly what you need to be doing every step of the date to make sure you’re moving things to a more ‘intimate level.’/li>

regular price $67

Program 12:Destination Girlfriend

  • 6 Full-Length videos dedicated to how to meet, date, and turn a woman into your girlfriend.
  • I’ll walk you through the different strategies you use before and after you sleep with a woman to keep the relationship moving forward.
  • Discover how to set up a relationship so that you’re the one holding the power and the upper hand, and she’s constantly trying to impress and win you over.

regular price $97

Program 13:Secrets of Sexual Acceleration

  • A complete video course on how to be more “sexually assertive” so that you can take things to a sexual level faster with the woman you’re meeting and eliminate any ‘mental blocks’ to quickly getting sexual with a girl.
  • How to profile girls who are more open to one night stands, going home with you the same night you meet, and how to increase your ‘sexual persona’ when you meet these women so you don’t blow it with them.
  • Dozens of cool tricks, tips, and techniques for accelerating sexual attraction in a woman, getting her alone with you, and closing the deal in as little time as possible (which everyone knows is my specialty).

regular price $197

Program 14:The Chase Formula

  • 4 Full-Length videos showing you exactly how to get a woman chasing you (instead of the other way around).
  • The 10 BEST tools for playing hard to get, including examples and exactly how to use them.
  • Specific and Detailed ways to move the interaction forward after you have the girl chasing you.

regular price $47

Program 15:Secrets of Getting Laid on Tinder

  • 4 Full-Length videos showing you exactly how I use Tinder to meet and sleep with cool, sexy girls.
  • How to set up your profile and choose pictures that will attract the RIGHT TYPE of Tinder girls to you.
  • The exact types of messages you can send to make sure you get up dates and set the “right vibe” off the bat.

regular price $47

Program 16:100 Days to Rock Solid Inner Game

  • 12 full-length videos walking you through every aspect I’ve personally used to elevate my “inner game” and destroy my anxieties around women.
  • After you complete this course you’ll shed “nice guy” tendencies and have rock solid confidence drawing women toward you.
  • You’ll get a step-by-step blueprint so that over the next 100 days you’ll be able to control your state, eliminate any “sexual anxiety”, weed any negative beliefs about women, and develop a deep understanding of the phycology of women so that you feel like you can predict their every move.

regular price $97

Program 17:Effortless Conversation System

  • Includes a video, MP3, and workbook detailing my simple and insightful system for never running out of things to say.
  • Ways to create that "I feel like I've known you for years" feeling with a total stranger!
  • The 3 magical conversation topics that you can ALWAYS fall back on to create an instant connection!

regular price $10

Program 18:Secrets of 5 Minute Chemistry & Master’s Degree Weekly Lessons

  • Videos and workbooks walking you through the steps to create “the vibe” with a woman within the first five minutes of a conversation.
  • Includes 19 total videos, including the 16 “Master’s Degree” videos that go even more in-depth on each technique covered in the main program.
  • The "secret weapon" to creating explosive chemistry that NO other expert even knows about!

regular price $197

Program 19:Prince Charming Effect

  • Never before released 5 video program teaching you how to identify a woman’s “personality type” and then tailor your seduction to her specific type.
  • Discover all 8 types of women, and how to instantly recognize which of the eight categories your girl falls into.
  • A seduction “game plan” for each of the eight types of women, so you essentially become her Prince Charming playing into her exact fantasy.

regular price $47

Program 20:Escape the Friend Zone

  • 4 Full-Length videos walking you through my 4 steps to escape the friend zone and wind up in bed with your female friend.
  • How to use Hot and Cold behavior to ignite the chase and have her working to impress you.
  • How to display your passion to a female friend in a way that shows her another side of you that she eager to explore more of.

regular price $47

Program 21:Sexual Mind Control

  • 5 Full-Length videos showing you how to control a woman’s attention, emotions, and thoughts so you can gain compliance over her in the bedroom.
  • How to use “Emotional Fluidity” to keep a woman constantly obsessed with being around you, with specific techniques for creating it.
  • How to make a woman WANT to be you’re “sexual slave”, do whatever you say, and completely give herself over to you in the bedroom.

regular price $67

Program 22:Automatic Attraction

  • 3 Full-Length videos teaching you my favorite methods for meeting and attracting women without ever having to approach them (and without using online dating).
  • How to position yourself as the man in your “social scene” that all the women want to get closer to (where you become a celebrity to them).
  • How to master the art of “qualifying” women so that you always appear to be the one in higher demand.

regular price $37

Program 23:Conversational Power

  • 6 Full-Length videos teaching my favorite conversation skills that demonstrate you are in control of the conversation and leading it towards attraction.
  • How to design a “stack” of things to talk about so that you never run out of things to say or lose steam.
  • My secret for “conveying personality” in the most attractive way possible to any woman you talk to.

regular price $97

Program 24:The Flake Proof Formula

  • 5 Full-Length videos & Flake elimination workbook that shows you how to stop women from flaking on dates or not returning your texts.
  • Everything you need to do BEFORE getting a girls phone number to ensure that she’ll be receptive to your calls or texts.
  • How to master phone & text game after a date so that you continue to build attraction and she doesn’t slip away.

regular price $47

Program 25:Relationship Mastery

  • This complete video course walks you through how to make a woman fall in love with you and want a relationship with you, even if she initially only saw you as ‘friend’ or casual hookup.
  • Learn the 3 levels of a relationship so that you know exactly where you stand and what you need to do to move it to the next level.
  • How to master “alternative relationships” if you’re looking for things like ‘friends with benefits’ or ‘open relationships’ and how to identify the women that would be interested in these various types of relationships.

regular price $197

Program 26:Get Laid More University

  • 13 MONTHS worth of lessons from my Get Laid More University weekly study course providing you everything you need to master the game.
  • Each month contains a mix of videos, audio, and reports providing you word-for-word examples of exactly what to do and say.
  • You get the entire 13 month curriculum instantly, so you can pick and choose which topics and techniques you want to master.

regular price $297

Program 27:Sexual Intelligence

  • 6 Full-Length videos that show you how to think, act, and feel like a “sexually intelligent” man with years of sexual experience (even if you’re inexperienced).
  • The proven formula for developing rock-solid sexual confidence. Develop an "instinctual" understanding of what a woman needs to move forward sexually.
  • You'll discover how to know exactly where a woman is right now (emotional, physically, sexually) and what she needs to move things forward.

regular price $147

Program 28:How to Get Girls to Chase You

  • 4 Full-Length videos outlining a strategy I use to create the “Chase Me” effect early in a conversation with a woman.
  • My favorite “qualification” and “investment” tactics that have a woman trying to “earn points” with me (instead of the other way around).
  • How to play “hard to get” without losing her interest.

regular price $47

Program 29:Automatic Approaching

  • 5 Full-Length videos showing you my proven system that will have you fearlessly approaching the hot women you really want.
  • My all-time favorite “opening lines” that make approaching and opening a woman easy and rejection proof.
  • How to “Follow Up” after your opening line so that conversation comes easy and natural.

regular price $47

Program 30:Sexual Mindreading

  • An entire video and report dedicated to my single most powerful technique for unleashing a woman’s wild side.
  • Word-for-word examples of Sexual Mindreading in action!
  • How to use the power of "sexual stereotypes" to get women into bed! This is a form of "sexual jiu-jitsu" where you use the deep aspects of a woman's mind for your benefit..

regular price $10

Program 31:Sidewalk Seduction

  • 2 full reports and audio that reveals my method for meeting women while walking down the street.
  • My bulletproof strategy for getting a woman’s attention during the day, and quickly getting her phone number.
  • Opening lines, topics, and flirting techniques to create attraction in the fast paced environment of day game.

regular price $10

Program 32:Sexual Fluency

  • 5 Full-Length videos training Program that shows you how to "talk" and "act" in a seductive way.
  • You'll discover the simple step-by-step method for creating and maintaining sexual tension, and to keep it alive on dates, over the phone, and back and your place.
  • You'll get the exact tactics and word-for-word examples of how to "sexualize" a conversation within minutes.

regular price $67

Program 33:Get Laid More Home Study Course

  • The Get Laid More Home Study Course is an action-packed six CD digital course that will take you inside the minds of the world’s greatest pick-up artists.
  • The most infamous pickup artist of all time reveal their secrets for 10-minute lays, lifestyle mastery, handling the logistics of closing the deal, and getting sexual fast.
  • A complete tactic packed training on “Sexalation” featuring advice from 6 of the greatest pickup artists of all time.

regular price $47

Program 34:Rapid Sexual Encounters

  • The 6 video Rapid Sexual Encounters Coaching Program which will teach you everything you need to know to get hot women into bed FAST and will open up an entire world of sexual options for you!
  • Secrets of Rapid Arousal: Both the verbal and physical ways to get hot women so turned on that they’ll want to rip off your clothes.
  • Sexual Screening: How to identify with 100% certainty the women that you know for a fact want to sleep with you.

regular price $47

Program 35:Fantastic Over 40

  • 5 Full-Length videos specifically designed to help men over 40 reclaim their edge and seduce hot, quality women.
  • Discover what makes an “older man” attractive to a woman and how to play into the sexy stereotype women have of older men.
  • Which of “type” of women are more likely to be attracted to “older men” and how to approach these women the right way.

regular price $47

Program 36:Unlock the Secrets of Sexual Attraction

  • An entire video and report dedicated to what I refer to as the “MUST DO” items when it comes to sparking sexual attraction.
  • This is the perfect report to review before a date with a woman to make sure you stay on track.
  • 5 top secret, sneaky ways to sexual attraction that works every time regardless of your looks, age or income!

regular price $1

Program 37:Stripper Code: How to Seduce Strippers, Bartenders, and Waitresses

  • If you’ve ever fallen in love with a girl working at the bar or club and wanted to a concrete blueprint for seducing her, then this video complete video training is specifically for you.
  • How to break out of the “customer frame” and get strippers or bartenders seeing you as a high value guy they would meet up with after work for sex or relationships.
  • Learn how to quickly identify her “sub personality” and use it to seduce her in the exact style she’s looking to be seduced.

regular price $67

Program 38:Sexual Power

  • 5 Full-length videos on unleashing your own “sexual power” so that you dominant and confident in the bedroom.
  • How to master the verbal and non verbal “sexual signals” you are unconsciously sending a woman that tells her how good you’re likely to be in bed.
  • How to gain confidence to go for “big moves” like going for the kiss, inviting her back to your place, or beginning to undress her.

regular price $77

Program 39:Advanced Strategies for Sexual Comfort

  • 110 Page Break Through Comfort workbook, and 6 audio lessons, detailing my infamous strategy for making a woman fall in love with you (even if you’re not her type)
  • A collection of my all time favorite “routines” for making a woman desperately to sleep with you.
  • An advanced lesson on “Sexual Framing” my powerful technique for creating a ‘sexual atmosphere’ in a conversation.

regular price $97

Program 40:Day Game 3.0

  • The 5 Full-Length video program that was the follow up to my A-Z Day Game Mastery Seminar that dives deeper into day game tactics I taught at the seminar.
  • My newest, tested, daytime opening lines that quickly get a conversation started and eliminate the chance of being rejected early on.
  • My newest “sexual techniques” that you can use when meeting a woman during the day that won’t weird her out or make you seem creepy.

regular price $97

Program 41:12 Months to Mastery

  • 52 Weekly Video Lessons each going deep on one specific pickup or seduction technique to add to your arsenal.
  • The 52 video lessons cover everything from the fundamentals of body language to my most “advanced” techniques.
  • Get the full experience by going through one lesson per week, and building upon your skills until you achieve mastery.

regular price $804

Program 42:Dozens of Bonuses

  • There are too many bonus programs to mention.
  • You get all the original bonus reports, videos, and audio programs that came with the every program listed above.
  • The bonuses alone are worth more than I’m selling this entire package for.

regular price $197

“The Jon Sinn Library of Game”

Regular Price $4938

Lifetime Access To The Ultimate Dating, Game And Personal Growth Library
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You get instant access to over 42 of my top selling high end programs — every one designed specifically to help you fuel your dating life and personal growth this year — all in one single location. One master vault.

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The “Library of Game” is the ultimate dating and pickup education

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You get instant access access to 42 of my top selling pickup and seduction training programs including ALL of my high end top tier programs.

In other words, for just one payment of $497 OR 2 monthly payments of $297, you get access to the most advanced learning resource I’ve created to date...

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Once you leave this page you likely won’t hear about it again until we officially launch it at the regular tuition of $997.

"Sinn has had a huge impact on me. The best way to put it is that he just exudes game. It isn't really fair to say that he was the best trainer at the Superconference, because he is just on a completely different level from any other trainer that I've ever seen. What's even more remarkable is that even at that high of a level he just continues to relentlessly progress his skills and knowledge. Each time that I've trained with him over the past 12 months or so he seems to have a completely new set of insights."

- Cleanface (from a review posted on the Attraction Forums)

"It's my opinion that when it comes to teaching seduction, Sinn is the best coach out there and has been for a very long time."

- Mark Manson NY Times Best Selling Author of "The Subtle Art of Not Giving a Fuck"

Here’s what to do next

Click button below to get started and within a few minutes you’ll have access to the Library of Game and my entire seduction training library with all 42+ courses (including every weekly lesson from my various mentorship programs).

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Choose one of these two investment options:

“Sinn is literally the best instructor out there! There is a reason why I attend so many of this dude's seminars... Every time I leave a workshop with Sinn, I am amazed at the how much he has advanced the field of social dynamics.

Many of the advancements in Game over the past year are due to Sinn's creativity! Without him we would still be confined to Best Friend's Test and Who Lies More. And that is what sets Sinn apart from all others! It's his ability to consistently come up with new ideas on how to advance social dynamics that is absolutely amazing.

The amount of ORIGINAL material the guy has come up with is mind blowing! Day Game, Advanced Comfort, Same Night Lays- all of these are examples of Sinn's creativity and have greatly contributed to the success of his students!

He is such a valuable resource to the Community! Thank you for everything bro!”

- Nathan Priest(from a review posted on the Attraction Forums) Fort Worth, Texas

"can honestly say that Sinn's teachings were responsible for me getting two new lays and a botched threesome the week after hearing him speak. There was so much gold dished during the workshop it was ridiculous."

- Sexual Chocolate (from a Lay Report posted on the Attraction Forums)

Frequently Asked Questions

This sounds like a lot of information. Will I have time to go through it all?

Yes. I’m giving you lifetime access to the entire library, so you can go through it at your own pace. This library is designed to be a resource and knowledge bank that you can refer to whenever you want. If you’re feeling inspired to learn and add to your skillset, simply fire up the respective course you can go through it at your own pace. If a something comes up in your dating life where you don’t know what to do, refer to this knowledge bank for the answers. If you don’t know what program to refer to, simply send us an email and we’ll point you to the right direction.

How is this training different than other pickup and seduction training programs out there?

The problem with most pickup trainings out there is that they aren’t taught by people who actually were out in the field living and breathing pickup for 10 years. Every single one of these trainings are based off the real world ‘in the trenches’ experience that’s taken me years to accumulate and I’m giving it all to you right here in the Library of Game.

Do I have to wait for anything in the mail?

No. The Library of Game is an 100% digital video and audio learning platform, so you’ll get immediate unrestricted access to ALL of the courses the moment you finish checking out. You can start going through your first courses in just 5 minutes from now if you want to.

What if I have issues?

Rest easy. We have support on staff that can help you out with any issues you run into. I have been a respected dating coach for over 10 years, and have built my reputation on serving my customers.

Choose one of these two investment options: