From: Jon Sinn Venice Beach, California Friday, 3:32 p.m.

Dear Friend,

Let me see if this sounds familiar to you...

You go out weekend after weekend, day-after-day, and on some occasions, you do in fact meet women. Maybe you met a really great girl one night and you felt like you guys had an amazing connection. You exchanged phone numbers and you were already making plans in your head to see her again.

Later on, you text her... .and nothing.

No response. Not even an "I'm not interested." Maybe she responds, but when it comes time to hang out with you, she flakes.

Does this sound familiar?

If so, then I have some great news for you... I recently created a brand new SCIENTIFICALLY PROVEN formula that literally "rewires" a woman's brain so that she'll NEVER flake on you. And the best part is, it requires literally NO effort on your part other than knowing a few key techniques. In fact, if you don't know these key "anti-flaking" techniques, the majority of girls you meet will flake on you. I'll tell you all about this system in a minute, but first, let me ask you a few questions...

  • Do you have a lot of "nice" interactions with girls that never lead to sex?
  • Are you often not sure how to follow up with girls once you’ve gotten their number?
  • Are you able to sometimes create attraction with girls but have it fizzle out before things go in a sexual direction?
  • Do you have trouble getting girls to go on dates with you?
  • Do you trouble reaching that extra deep level of connection that makes women fall for you immediately?
  • Are you embarrassed by how difficult it is for you to get dates or have sex with beautiful women?

If you answered "yes" to any of these questions then you're going to want to thank your lucky stars that you're reading this message right now.

You see, there's a lot of information out there on "approaching women" and "attracting women" and "picking up women" but the problem with most of this information is that frankly, it doesn't doesn't get you what you really want.

To put it another way, most of the information out there doesn't show you how to do the one thing it's supposed to show you how to do, and that's get you a date and get you laid.

There's never been anything that shows you exactly how to meet a girl for the first time and ensure that you will see her again no matter what.

Think about it, "opening lines," "attraction" and even things like "routines" and "inner game" don't mean a thing if every woman you meet ends up flaking on you right?

I'm here to change that with my BRAND NEW formula I created called the Flake-Proof Formula... .

The Flake-Proof Formula is my Proven, Step-by-Step Process for Guaranteeing that Girls Will Never Flake on you and beg you to take then out

With the Flake-Proof Formula, every girl you meet will by DYING to see you again which means that ultimately you will be going on a lot more dates, sleeping with A LOT more women, or sleeping with that one, amazing girl over and over again.

Right now you're probably wondering what exactly the Flake-Proof Formula is and how it came about. That's a very good question...

Let me tell you my story and how the Flake-Proof Formula was created...

My name is Jon Sinn. If you're reading this, there's a good chance you already know a little about me. You may now that I was recently named the #1 Pick-Up Artist in the world by leading industry publication TSB Magazine. By now I've laid over 500 girls and I've talked to literally thousands of girls.

But it took a lot of hard work to get where I am now, including a TON of rejection and a TON of girls flaking on me.

I went through a period of my life where I was meeting a lot of women and getting a bunch of phone numbers every time I left the house...but there was a major problem…

The vast majority of girls were flaking on me when it came to trying to see them again or set up a date. Either they just wouldn't respond to my texts, or they would find a way to avoid a date with me. I can't tell you how many times I was excited about a girl I met only to have her NEVER respond to my texts. And of the ones that DID respond, eventually I would get the "Sorry, I have a really busy week, do you mind if we hang out another time?" or "I think you're a great guy and would like to hang out with you as friends."

Essentially, all these numbers I was getting amounted to NOTHING.

Have you ever been there? You have a seemingly GREAT interaction with an amazing girl, and for some reason she ignores your texts? Maybe you text back and forth, but when it comes to hanging out, she flakes on you?

Believe me, I know how helpless and awful it feels.

How could she spend all that time talking and flirting with you, and now be blowing you off? If you're anything like me, it probably makes you feel jaded about meeting women. Anytime you have a good interaction with a woman, you're probably thinking "is she gonna be like every other girl and flake on me or blow me off?"

But today I have good news for you. I’ve developed a breakthrough formula that not only ensures the girls you meet will never flake on you, but will make them excited to see you, waiting by the phone for your call or text.

Women flaking will NEVER be a problem for you ever again. In fact, I can GUARANTEE that 90+% of women you meet after today will be EXCITED to see you again. All you have to do is learn a simple formula that I developed.

I recently taught the Flake-Proof Formula to a small group of students and here is what some of
them had to say:

"My Weeks are Booked with Women!"

"Sinn has really transformed my game with a SIMPLE formula. I used to get really frustrated meeting girls because for a variety of reasons, they were either flaking, blowing me off, or just not responsive. But Sinn not only showed me the things I was doing wrong (which pretty much every guy I know is doing wrong as well) but he showed me some REALLY EASY techniques that has resulted in 80+% of the numbers I get, turning into SEX. My weeks are booked with women!"

Lawrence -- Claremont, CA

"Women Simply don't flake on me!"

"I put the Flake-Proof Formula into practice immediately after the course and amazingly I saw results in the first two days. Women simply don’t flake on me anymore!"

MIKE -- Atlanta, GA

One reason why I've been able to accomplish so much in this area is because of my obsessive nature. After about a year and a half of talking to at least 50 girls a week religiously I decided I need to ENSURE that I see the hottest coolest ones again, no mater what! I was sick and tired of getting blown off or flaked on.

So for two years I dedicated myself to trying everything I knew about pickup, experimenting with new tactics, and trying some really weird tricks to make sure that girls never flaked on me again.

After two years of obsessive research, testing and tweaking, I finally broke everything down into a simple formula that you must use in order to prevent girls from flaking. This formula is the basis of the Flake-Proof Formula and GUARANTEES success.

With the The Flake-Proof Formula, you will never have to worry about whether you will see that amazing woman you met again because she will be waiting by the phone for you to ask her out!

The great thing about the flake-proof formula is that it works for anyone in any situation and doesn't matter if....

you're looking to meet girls in bars or clubs or in day time environments like bookstores, coffee shops or the gym.

It also doesn't matter if you're looking to have a one night stand (or a bunch of one night stands!) or get into a long-term relationship with an awesome girl. The formula to guaranteeing you see her again is always the same.

Oh, and just so we're clear about this, The Flake-Proof Formula is NOT some rigid system where you have to follow some lines that I give you or perform certain routines. Rather, it’s some sneaky underlying techniques that you can integrate into your own game and personality that will have women thinking about you for DAYS after you meet them.

And the best part is, The Flake-Proof Formula works for ALL types of women! You might meet a women who is the type that will sleep with you the same day in which case, once you start using the Flake-Proof Formula, she won't want to let you go without having sex with you first.

Or you might meet that really sweet, “nice girl” who will be so magnetically attracted to you that she will wait by her phone for you to call and jump at the first opportunity to see you again.

The Flake-Proof Formula accounts for ALL of the types of girls and many more. Again, just think of it like a magic formula that you will add to your natural personality that’s so sneaky and undercover, that not only will she not know what’s going on, but she’ll have an insatiable urge to see you again!

With the The Flake-Proof Formula, there’s no more wondering if you’ll see that amazing girl again because it will be GUARANTEED!

Imagine, for a moment... just how amazing you feel... any beautiful women you talk to will hope and pray that you call her and ask her out and
every number will turn into a
sexual relationship

With the The Flake-Proof Formula getting a life filled with amazing women (or just that one, awesome girl) will seem easy because you'll NEVER have to worry about being blown off again. Also, because the The Flake-Proof Formula is so simple and effective it's going to be easy for you to see any girl you meet again and again.

By the end of the program, women flaking on you will be a thing of the past.

Let's take a look at what you will experience with the Flake-Proof Formula

The Flake-Proof Formula consists of five mulyi-media training modules, which you get INSTANT ACCESS to.

In each of these modules, I'll break down each distinct part of The Flake-Proof Formula in great detail. You'll get detailed explanations of each component of the
Flake-Proof Formula as well as TONS of example and stragtegies of how to get the best results from The
Flake-Proof Formula.

Here's Exaxtly What we're going to be covering in each of the training Modules:

Flake-Proof Formula Training Module #1:

Why Girls FlakeThe first training session is all about why girls flake and how to avoid the triggers that make them do so. I'm going to break down every reason that girls have been flaking on you so you don't make these mistakes ever again.

We're also going to look at the rules of flaking. These are the immutable reasons that girls have
a tendency to flake and a the way that you can avoid thisat all costs!

In this module, you're honestly in for a rude awakening because you'll realize that you've been making so mistakes that are causing girls to blow you off.

Flake-Proof Formula Training Module #2:

PreflakingThis module covers everything you need to do BEFORE getting a girls phone number to ensure

You're some of what we'll be covering in this module:

  • How to move the interaction forward better than anyone else.
  • How to quickly get the conversation focused on the girl so you can let the
    Flake-Proof Formula work its magic!
  • How to give the type of compliments that will make her LOVE you.
  • How to build compliance and investment.
  • The Key to "baiting and hooking" and girl And much more!

Believe me when I tell you that once you master "preflaking," getting a "solid" phone number
will be so easy. Put it this way, when you "open strong" and do a good job of setting
everything up in the beginning, the "close" then becomes a natural and effortless process! This module will show you how to do this every time!

Flake-Proof Formula Training Module #3:

Phone & Text GamePhone & Text Game The third module is all about phone and text game. This is a seriously meaty module because here
you learn exactly how to follow up with a girl once you get her number.

You'll also learn:

  • How to get her number the RIGHT way
  • When to follow up with her after getting her number.
  • The exact game plan you need to follow when texting her.
  • How frequently you should be texting back.
  • How to draw her in and make her excited to see you.
  • And much more!

Phone game is vitally important to not only making sure she won't flake on you, but making
her excited to see you. Most guys mess up during this process which is why they never get
dates, but YOU will stand apart from the rest!

Flake-Proof Formula Training Module #4:

Damage ControlIn this module I'm covering something no one else EVER covers. What to do when shit goes wrong.

Lets be honest here. Even if you follow everything I tell you and you do everything right, there are going to be instances where stuff goes wrong and not according to plan. The great part is though, with the material
in this module, you can not only SAVE the interaction, you will make her even more passionate about you and excited to
see you!

This could be if a girl for some reason doesn’t respond to your texts or if she is starting to
show signs that she might flake. But in this module, you’re going to learn how to turn this

So we're going to cover, WHY she isn't responding to your text and what to send her to turn everything around back in your favor. We'll also look at a bunch of different tactics to turn the interaction around.

We'll also look at what to do if a girl is flaking on you if you had plans to meet up. We’ll go over specific things to say to re-spark the intrigue and get her interested in seeing you again. Most importantly, this module allows you to save ANY interaction that hasn’t gone quite right and
will even help you get the girls who have been ignoring you before you learned the
Flake-Proof formula.
The Flake-Proof formula will bring these women back from the dead!

Flake-Proof Formula Training Module #5:

Putting It All TogetherIn this session, I’m taking everything we’ve covered, wrapping it all up in one nice, cohesive bundle, then adding some more advanced tactics in to really make you a master of the
Flake-Proof formula and ensuring that girls NEVER flake on you again.

I'm gong to cover advanced qualification techniques such as cycling, spacing, and timing for different aspects of qualification that will build investment for her. I'll also cover the right way
to set dates up in the first place that will dissuade her from flaking on you.

Next, we'll take a deep dive and go over how to engage a woman EMOTIONALLY through
text. Finally, I'll add some advanced techniques to damage control that will really separate you from every other guy.

When you master the Flake-Proof formula, sex with every girl you meet is pretty much guaranteed. YOU get to decide when sex is going to happen... and WHERE it's going to happen. By the end of this session, you'll have everything you need to ensure that women will NEVER blow you off.

"This is a ONE-OF-A-KIND Program!"

"Jon Sinn has created a completely unique, one-of-a-kind program that doesn't exist ANYWHERE. It really goes over the aspect of pickup that no one ever teaches you. There are plenty of programs out there that talk about attraction, but this is the only one that deals with
the reality of dating, which is that a lot of girls FLAKE! But with this, I feel truly

Stephen Alambre -- Cambridge, MA

"Responsible for me getting two
new lays last week!"

"The Flake-Proof formula is responsible for getting me two new lays last week!
After the course, I started texted a couple of girls I had met a while ago. I used Sinn's "damage control" techniques and literally generated enough intrigue in both of these chicks that we went out and I banged both of them. Amazing"

Martin B. -- Los Angeles, California

"My Pickup efficiency is off the charts thanks to the Flake-Proof Formula!"

"The Flake-Proof formula has completely transformed my game with women. I'm able to build investment really fast now and as soon as I get a girls number, I know that the odds are that we are going to have sex SOON because I KNOW she will meet up with me again.

My pickup efficiency is off the charts thanks to the Flake-Proof formula! I probably have sex with 90% percent of girls whose number I get... before learning
the Flake-Proof formula,
that number was probably less than 10%. Crazy how great this stuff works!"

Lenny O. -- Kansas City, Mo

Jon, I want "in" on this!

magine what it would be like to meet a woman you're attracted to and KNOW that as soon as you get her number, you are basically guaranteed to have sex with her. Imagine how much amazing sex you would be having?

How much would that be worth to you?

I've personally spent five years, well over $50,000.00 and have talked to literally thousands of girls just to learn the information that formed the basis for the Flake-Proof formula. Believe me, I would have
cheerfully paid thousands of dollars to have this information when I was starting out.

And if you look at the raw numbers, I currently charge $500.00 per hour for phone coaching. Here, you're getting 5 modules PACKED with content - that's a value of $1,500.00 in itself.

When I first came up with the Flake-Proof formula, I taught it to a very small test group of guys who paid $395.00 to learn it. And believe me, based on the results of that test group, each and every one of those guys will tell you that getting the complete Flake-Proof Formula for $395.00 was a MAJOR bargain – I mean look at the testimonials!

But I realize that not everyone can pay thousands of dollars for this program or even $495.00 for this program. And since I want to make this life-changing information affordable to everyone, I've decided to offer this program only $47.

However, the special online training platform I set up for this training is only equipped to handle a maximum of 300 students. These means that the Flake-Proof formula is going to be limited to only 300 lucky guys.

If you want to make sure you're one of those 300 lucky guys you need to act quickly because this
message is going out to well over 200,000 men
which means that unless you act now, you won't get in.

Regular Price $395

Today Only $47

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Instant Digital Download Available 24 Hours per Day

"Worth. Every. Penny!"

"If I had one thing to say about the Flake-Proof formula, it’s this. Worth. Every. Penny! This product has really put me at ease when it comes to meeting women because the formula is SO EASY to follow that it’s become second nature. Now, as soon as I get a girl’s number, she starts texting ME telling me how excited she is to see me. Really unbelievable considering how awful I was before."

Nori K. -- Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

If you are still uncertain let me put your worries to rest with my 100%
no-questions-asked unconditional
30 Day Guarantee

I know that there's a slight chance that you might still be skeptical about whether this program is for you or not. If you're feeling the least bit skeptical let me put your worries or concerns to rest by letting you "test drive" the entire program at my risk.

Here's how this works: sign up for the program now and check out everything for yourself. If after going through each of the five training modules, you don't feel like the program is for you and you don't feel like it's going to dramatically transform your dating life, simply send me an email within the first 30 days of your purchase and let me know that you want to cancel the program I'll issue you a prompt and courteous refund.

No questions asked.

Obviously, I wouldn't make this kind of offer if I wasn't totally confident in the transformational power of this program.

Test Drive This Program Completely
Risk Free

Regular Price $395

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Thats not all! if you act quickly you also get the following free bonuses...

Special Bonus #1:6-Steps to Eliminating Flake report

(Value: $47.00)

This report is the perfect compliment to the Flake-Proof Formula and covers some of the reasons that girls flake that you probably never realized existed.
It sets a solid foundation for everything you are going to learn with the Flake-Proof Formula and becomes the perfect
one-two punch!

Special Bonus #2:Text Game Confidential

(Value: $77.00)

Having good text game is absolutely VITAL when it comes to making sure girls don't flake on you or blow you off. How
many times have you met a girl and texted her later only to have her not return any of your texts? Believe me, I know how it feels and it’s incredibly frustrating.

In the text game confidential guide, I not only give
you specific tactics to have fun and sexual interactions with the women you meet via text, but I included actual text message transcripts straight from my phone so you can see EXACTLY what I do that works

Special Bonus #3:Phone Game 2.0

(Value: $77.00)

This is a special audio and pdf that break down when to call that special girl and what to say to her once you have her on the line. Some girls simply respond better to calling them and when you do, you need to have a gameplan otherwise she
will DEFINITELY flake on you.

Well, Phone Game 2.0 is just that game plan. Not only do I
give you specific techniques and tactics, but I'm again
including transcripts from specific phone conversations I've had. When you combine this with the Flake-Proof formula, there's absolutely no way for you to fail and there's no way a girl will ever flake on you again!

Money Back Guarantees

Try the program risk free for 30 days, if after you've checked everything out, you decide this program is not for you, simply email me and receve a prompt and courteous refund.


Jon Sinn

Regular Price $395

Today Only $47

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Instant Digital Download Available 24 Hours per Day

Are you ready to become the Confident, Powerful person that you've always wanted to be?

If so, then signing up for the Flake-Proof formula is the smartest decision that you could possibly make right now.

You and I both know that that nothing in your life is going to change until you take responsibility for your life and take positive action towards your success.

This is a golden opportunity for you to finally do what needs to be done to create the successful dating life that you want. Let's face it, on some level you know you have what it takes to get the success with women that you want and you may just need someone to kick you in the butt, get you into action and jump start your success.

Yes, Jon! I'm ready to learn how to make women stop flaking on me and blowing me off. I’m ready to make EVERY woman I meet a potential sexual partner.

I understand that this program, which others have previously paid $395.00 for, consists of the following five multi-media training modules:

  • Training Module #1: Why Girls Flake
  • Training Module #2: Preflaking
  • Training Module #3: Phone and Text Game
  • Training Module #4: Damage Control
  • Training Module #5: Putting it All Together

And since I'm responding right away, I also get the following 3 FREE Bonuses:

  • Bonus #1: 6 Steps to Eliminate Flaking Report. A $47 value.
  • Bonus #2: Text Game Confidential $77 value.
  • Bonus #3: Phone Game 2.0. A $77 value

Finally, I also understand that The Flake-Proof Formula is covered by your No-Risk Guarantee, which allows me to "test-drive" the entire program risk free for 30 days. If after I going through everything, I decide that this program is not for me, I'll simply send you an email to cancel my membership and I'll receive a prompt and courteous refund. No questions asked.

I get all of this for only $47

YES, Register Now for $47

Jon Sinn

P.S. Remember, there are only 500 spots available for this program and they're available on a first come, first-served basis. And since this message is going out to over 200,000 guys, I fully expect to sell out of them very soon. Sign up right now!

P.P.S. Three months from now you can be nothing more than three months older, or you can be in a position to experience a life filled with sexual abundance. The choice is yours. If you want to create the life of sexual abundance that you're always dreamed of, sign up for the Flake-Proof Formula right now while it's fresh on your mind and before anything else comes up!

Regular Price $395

Today Only $47

Click Here To Get Instant Access Now!

Instant Digital Download Available 24 Hours per Day

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